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What is the app?

Choice Recovery Path™ has created a simple software platform that provides everyone in the process with more information – and more accountability – in real time. An app allows users to make verifiable checkins at their commitments and appointments as easily as taking a Selfie Sign-In™.

Accountability partners can use this data for simple compliance, but can also see across time and across their caseload, what’s working for their clients and what’s not. Administrators can see how their individual workers, departments, or whole agencies are doing – and aggregate that data for audits, grant applications, and so forth – instantly. Because clients are doing the data entry on their own phones, hours and hours of administrative workload are lifted – just like that.

The CRP App® offers accurate, real-time information across 45 data points without passive tracking, ongoing staff monitoring, or cumbersome and falsifiable sign-in sheets.

Positive Reinforcement
for Everyone in the Datastream

App Features

The CRP App®
  • Progressive Web App – Open to all clients regardless of data plan or device.
  • Client Data Entry – Clients enter data, so staff is freed from much clients based day to day data input.
  • Accessible from Anywhere – Accessible on desktop or mobile.
  • Real Time Data – Clear and accurate real time data, not anecdotal.
  • Engaging Interface – Attractive Graphical User Interface offers positive reinforcement.
  • Remote Usability – Remote accountability regardless of physical distance between you and your client.

Ease of Use

Customer Ease
  • Multiple User Types – Client staff, departmental and organizational administration.
  • Simple – Simple, easy to use, designed for accessibility to low-literacy clients.
  • Save Time – On boarding training in hours, not week.
  • Data Aggregation – 45 data points aggregated in real time for clients, staff, departmental and organizational admin.
  • Admin Ease of Use – Admins can zoom from the micro (individual) to the macro (organizational view) instantly, in real time.
  • Data Stream – Long tail data stream for aftercare and beyond.
  • Verifiable Success – Hard data proves the success of your program, verifiable and generated by clients.

Remote Technology For Accountability

Geolocated “Selfie Sign-Ins™” mean clients can deliver verifiable data to you from anywhere using their phones. You don’t need to track them down, spend time running passive monitoring systems, or try to verify their endless receipts and sign-in sheets. Your desktop automatically shows you that your clients are being accountable, and allows you to pinpoint problems in real time.

Whether you’re seeing clients on site or working with them remotely, Choice Recovery Path App® supports your relationship in the same way. Clients do their own check-ins, so you can focus on building the client-provider relationship. Whether your clients relocate or your practice moves toward telemedicine, the Choice Recovery Path App® provides seamless real time accountability.

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Use on any device

Clients, managers and administrators can all sign into the web app from any device. Whether you’re using a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop – whatever operating system you use – if you can access wifi, you can use the App.

Signing in is as easy as taking a picture

Individuals don’t need any special skills to use the Choice Recovery App. Almost all they have to do is take a picture. We use color coding to help low-literacy clients tag their appointments accurately, and the App offers lots of positive reinforcement for meeting and exceeding goals. Some organizations also offer bonuses or rewards for exceeding goals on things like community service, meeting attendance and other obligations.

Because individuals are taking responsibility for their own accountability, they get to learn how to be active participants in their own recovery or rehabilitation. Our workshops, toolkits and Progress Boards all work together with the app to help clients learn how to set and meet goals, build self-determination and find autonomy and dignity in a process that has often felt humiliating or dehumanizing.

With a simple Selfie Sign-In™, the individual begins a process that allows him or her not only to complete the requirements they face, but to begin to build the healthy habits that will last a lifetime.