Face to Face Tools

Teach your clients to take charge of their process

Face to Face Tools

Face to Face Tools

In addition to the App, Choice Recovery Path offers tools and workshops that help build the skills necessary for true rehabilitation: accountability, goal setting, ownership of the process. Our years of experience on both sides of the process have made us keenly aware of the tools, skills and habits that people lack when they begin a program of change. Many of the challenges that lead to people not completing their programs, or going back to their old ways after – are about skills we assume they already possess, and questions they are unable or unwilling to ask. For an individual who has low literacy, has never held an ordinary job or been fully in control of his or her choices – the question is not how to get better, but how to get by.

Choice Recovery Path helps individuals at every stage take up the mantle of their own lives, set goals they can achieve, and outline the skills and practices they will need to build lives they actually want.

Our CRP™ Boards

The Progress Board is the heart of the Choice Recovery Path program. This simple tool was the first thing we created, and outlines the basics of any program of life change. Completing the Progress Board helps individuals to outline and take ownership of their program.

The Progress Board is filled out by individuals in a group workshop (or alone with a guide, if necessary). It is simple and clear, and can be used by people at almost any level of literacy. Because people fill it out for themselves – no two Progress Boards are alike. Beginning with simple reminders of who, how and where the individual is accountable, the Progress Board helps teach goal setting and overcoming challenges — while helping to create a documentary record of the actions a person is taking in support of their own recovery. This record – including the calendar – has been very helpful in helping individuals demonstrate compliance and proactivity in legal and other oversight contexts.

It’s big on purpose! the Progress Board is intended to serve as a poster on the wall of an individual’s home, dorm — or cell. Serves as a reminder of tasks, goals and resources day by day.

Your Program – Your Way

We don’t want to change what you do – we just want to make it work better! Our face to face tools and programs, and the Choice Recovery App, are designed to work in tandem with whatever programming you use now. As you optimize your program based on your data – we will be right beside you, supporting your work and pinpointing successes and challenges over time.