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What We Do


What we do

Choice Recovery Path creates physical and digital tools to empower clients to take charge of their own recovery – while reducing the administrative burden for recovery partners in treatment, corrections and compliance settings.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower people to take ownership of their recovery while streamlining accountability management process for administrators.

We have learned through personal and professional experience that these are goals are highly compatible. The same tools that help clients understand and meet their responsibilities give administrators the kind of data they need most.

From our paper Progress Boards to our apps, there is synergy between the front end experience for the client and the back en experience in the office. We’re not creating passive tracking or surveillance tools, but rather a means for clients to organize and self-report the steps they take toward their own recovery.

Clients input their data using non-coercive life training tools that encourage participation and self-reporting. Our tools provide opportunities for client empowerment and skill building, and encourage active compliance. Accurate reporting tools eliminate falsification.

The app makes it easy to pinpoint relapse prevention markers for early intervention. Returning citizen transition planning and structuring tools help those leaving institutional settings to build a sustainable future and reduce recidivism. Active engagement – and usefulness to the client – keeps clients engaged with the software even after supervision ends.