Staff Training

Dynamic workshops with all levels of staff to work with our tools

Helpful Workshops

Helpful Workshops

We provide workshops from an hour to three days to teach your staff to work with Choice Recovery Path face to face tools, the Choice Recovery App – and our signature approach to meeting individuals “where they are at” to help them take ownership of their process. Our workshops are dynamic and dense; staff finds them enjoyable and helpful in their work.

We can also work directly with your clients, on a one-time or ongoing basis, using our Progress Boards and Toolkit workshops. We’re happy to come in and do direct workshops to show you what our programs look like – or to provide ongoing support for the work you are already doing. During the shutdown we have begun working with inpatient groups via Zoom and other telehealth platforms, and we look forward to continuing to work with you to build out the kinds of remote services we will all be expanding going forward.

In person or by Zoom, with staff or directly with clients – we come to you to teach you how to help people build a framework for change.