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About Us

Everyone is Capable of Change.

It’s easy to assume that people have the tools but just lack willingness. But often the obstacles to change are inside – overwhelm, self-loathing, despair.

We need a few things to make change possible: tools, time, hope – and desire. When addiction takes someone all the way down, the situation can look pretty hopeless. But we know people who feel just as hopeless even when things on the outside look pretty good. Regardless the struggle, finding how to enact change in our lives is a tremendous barrier.


Teach Hope

Optimism might be the most important recovery tool there is. At Choice Recovery Path, we know it can be taught – one choice, one little success at a time. Choice Recovery Path helps people build the tools they need to make changes in their lives.

We create tools to help people develop what they need to make change: tools, time, hope – and desire. By placing accountability in the hands of those who need it, and helping them to learn how to set and meet their own goals, we help clients within a variety of programs to take ownership of their recovery and build toward a life they want.

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Building A Framework For Change.

Building a house requires tools, training and hard work. We believe that many people, regardless of their education or skill level, need training and tools if they are going to do things differently. We know that everyone is capable of living a life they can be proud of, but very few people can magically summon the resources to do that just by stopping bad behavior. But we notice that when people have the tools and training they need, they are happy to do the work to improve their circumstances.

Choice Recovery Path helps people build their own house. Our workshops and toolkits help people find a vision for themselves again, and simple tools for moving toward that.


Products and Services

Progress Board™ – A format for teaching and mentoring early in a recovery process.

Recovery Yoga – We contract with licensed professionals to provide yoga and meditation classes within your facility for your in or outpatient clients.

Trainings, Workshops and Toolkits – Sixteen levels of workshop topics/exercises to demonstrate the tools and to support your staff in their efforts.

The CRP App® – An interactive tool that allows clients to take responsibility for their own stipulations.

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CRP™ Hits the Bullseye for these Clients' Needs

Success Stories

“I’m learning to see the bad things in my life as teaching moments and to change.”

“Realtime data has saved us weeks of manual data entry.”

“Simple, straightforward and accessible to all our clients.”

“I learned how to change my perspective. I’m learning to not make impulsive decisions.”

“Information on every layer of our organization at the touch of a button.”

“It made me think, and want to work hard on my recovery.”

“A profound shift in the level of engagement.”

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Be in touch with us. We would love to tell you more about how Choice Recovery Path can work for you. We would be happy to schedule an informational meeting, a demo for your staff or a Progress Board training for your clients.